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Music Arrangements

Music Arrangements

With a bachelors in music education and private study under Dr. Richard Osborne at the Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University, Dmitri is adept at arranging for many genres of music.  Although is emphasis on wind ensemble and brass ensembles he is an insightful arranger for both large and small string ensembles, even pop and jazz groups.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording

Dmitri apprenticed under Gabriel Harley at Perfect Mix Studios for two years. He currently works from his home-based location, Rocking Horse Studios. He's most adept at recording folk and acoustic music groups but comfortable with all types of music. He is also fully remote, so he can record wherever is best for you.

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Transcribing music simply means writing down what you hear when you listen to a song or composition, but there's much more to capturing the nuances that are present in live music. A good transcriber understands this and is able to notate and present the intent of the performance in his transcription.

Traditional Irish Music
Music Compositions
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